Our children know that in order to achieve they must all strive for excellence and make every second count.


Welcome to Farnham Green Primary School. Our website will give you an insight into what goes on at our school.  However, in order to really appreciate the warm and friendly ethos amongst children, staff and parents, please feel welcome to come and visit.

At Farnham Green you will see the focus on learning and the ‘every second counts’ culture as we believe that our children deserve the very best and that all can achieve. We have a restless thirst for learning and are developing the skills and curiosity to be life-long learners.

Our curriculum is ambitious and coherent with aspirational expectations for all, inspiring our children and community that anything is possible; shaping our children’s future. We are resilient and have a positive, growth mind-set, thriving on challenge to achieve more than we thought possible. We know that mistakes are the first steps towards learning and that persistence is required if you are to succeed. Our children, and staff, know that in order to achieve, we must all strive for excellence and make every second count.


Mr John Lee

Head of School