Year 6

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In Year 6 we were very fortunate to visit our local Gurdwara. We had a fascinating talk about the Sikh faith and then shared a meal in the Langar Hall. It was a wonderful experience and we learnt alot.




Autumn 2016-17

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City Hall

On Thursday 8th December, seven children from 6D participated in delivering a charity idea to a panel of four judges at London City Hall. The children researched and planned their pitch together and received fantastic feedback from the judges. The children were pitching for a £1000 grant to help with their charity idea to support King George Hospital. We will find out on Friday 16th December if we were successful.




The Natural History Museum

Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. We went to the museum to research our topic on evolution. We had a brilliant session which involved seeing the size of a giant squid, viewing 3D images of living organisms and finding out about some of the favourite specimens of the museum staff.





The Tower of Hanoi

In 6D we have been investigating the problem of the Tower of Hanoi, using the iPads. We used the smaller numbers of discs to help us find a pattern of how many moves are required to get all the discs from one end to the other.



Living Organisms

We visited our wildlife area, pond and field to look for living organisms so that we can observe how they have adapted to their habitats.




 Summer 2015-16

  • In Maths we have been learning about shapes. We used resources to help us visualise 3D shapes.


  • To help us understand place value, we used Diennes to represent each part of a number. This enabled us to add numbers quickly and identify how much each digit in a number is worth.
  • We have also been learning about fractions. To find a fraction of a number, we first used cubes   to help us represent the calculations we were carrying out.


  • We have been working really hard on problem solving skills. We have been working together using methods we have learnt and have applied them to problems involving multiplication and division.




Year 6 have been using their analytical and research skills to answer their big question in RE this term such as, "What will make our town a more respectful place?".

We have been extremely fortunate to welcome an Imaam, Mufti Suhail and Islamic Community Leader Sadiq Kothia, to speak to the children about respect from an Islamic point of view. We also welcomed Reverend Janet Buchan from the local Church, St Paul's, to discuss respect from a Christian perspective.

The children shared their artwork, questions and their own opinions of respect with the religious leaders. Please take a look below at some of the examples of work produced by the children.