Year 5

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Investigating Forces

In Year 5 we have been testing different materials to determine which ones have the most and least friction. Take a look at pictures of us in action.










 Autumn 2016-17

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 Fabulous Finish

Tuesday 18th October was a very special day for Year 5. We had our very own chocolate day. The children got the chance to meet a real chocalatier and learn about the process the chocolate bean takes to become the chocolate that we buy. The children got the chance to take part in some role play, tested chocolate using their five senses and even became 'Chocolatologists' for the day, creating their own flavoured chocolate. By the end of the day the children were very excited and gave some incredible feedback.

Being a chocolatologist felt very special and it felt like we were in an actual chocolate factory. Tasting chocolate was amazing. We got to taste the coco pod nib and it tasted very bland. making our own chocolate was fun because we got to choose our own ingredients,

 Afifa Ahmedabadi, 5S

During the assembly, I was chosen to be a cocoa bean tree and held real coco pods. The coc pod smelt damp and very unpleasant. I was excited because  I got to work with a Cghocolatologist and it was fun because we got to make our own chocolate with our choice of flavours- I chose fruit squares, banana chips and rainbow drops. It tasted like many bursting flavours in my mouth.


 Joshua Dos Santos Deativo, 5W 







Summer 2015-16

The Highwayman

  • In Year 5 we have been reading the poem of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes.


  • We drew around one another and wrote words and phrases to describe the character of the Highwayman. We used similes and metaphors as part of our description.




  • We have been learning all about angles. We decided to make posters that would give detailed intsructions on how to use a protractor. These posters were then presented to the class.



In Science we have been exploring forces. In lesson we have been testing out what the best material would be for a road by testing friction.

We used forcemeters and ramps to test out our theories. We took notes of our findings and wrote up our findings and our conclusions.






In Year 5 we have been learning all about the Tudors. We formed a decision alley. Arguments were put forward that were for and against whether Mary I should marry King Philip of Spain.  



We recently visited the Tower of London in order to complete our topic on the Tudors. As you may have heard we had a brilliant time. We visited the Tower Green to see where the three Queens Anne Boleyn, Catherine Ward and Lady Jane Grey were executed.