Year 4

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For our topic on the Vikings, year 4 had a go at making their very own Viking shields. There were many great designs. Here are some for you to look at.




Year 4 used string and card to produce some wonderful print tiles. They then went on to print some amazing textiles for curtains and cushions.




Mental Maths Mania

In 4S we have been using cubes to add numbers up to 5 Digits. Take a look at them in action..................



Althea McNish

In art, 4M have been studying the work of Althea McNish, a British textile designer who was bor in Trinidad. We created our own printed fabric using bright colours and bold patterns, taking inspiration from the text, Gregory Cool.



The Caribbean

In 4M we are currently learning about all things Caribbean. We have been reading a book called 'Gregory Cool'. It is about a boy who is visiting his Grandparents in Tobago. During our English lessons, we wrote letters from Gregory to his parents, telling them about all that has happened so far.

Here are some pieces of writing for you to look at:



Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, 4S created dream jars with some very interesting dreams inside.


4B also created their very own dreams to put inside their jars. They had some very interesting ideas about what they wanted. What are your dreams?







Summer 2015-16

 Year 4 Mayan Fabulous Finish

  • Year 4 celebrated the end of their topic, 'The Mayas' by having their very own Maya treat. As part of their Food Technology unit, the whole of year planned, made and evaluated Maya wraps; as eaten by the Mayas.

  • It was a very successful afternoon; breaking records as we had ninety children in the hall, all making their wraps at the same time. We ended the afternoon with a cup of traditional Maya hot chocolate. The event was enjoyed by children, teachers and support staff who came to help.



Here is what some of the children had to say about their Mayan afternoon:

It was a tasty day and I had lots of giggles with my friends. It was really busy in the hall but everybody enjoyed it. On the day it felt like we were really in the ancient Mayan times.

Nusayba Noorani, 4S


It was nice to see the entire year group together in the hall, enjoying themselves. We had lots of fun making the tortillas and the hot chocolate was delicious. I really enjoyed acting out 'The Hero Twins' story in English.

Jasveen Chopra, 4M


It was really fun choosing the fillings and making my very own Maya style tortilla wrap. I really enjoyed dipping the biscuit into the hot chocolate; it was delicious. My favourite part of the topic was making the Maya temple in computing.

Daliah Mabrouk, 4H