We take great pride in our extensive network of partners, covering all key areas; business, education, community and culture on a local, national and international level. Each of our partnerships contribute to and enrich the development of our schools and therefore are invaluable in creating our unique and inspiring learning environments.

In our mission to strive for excellence and in shaping the future by developing global citizens of the 21st century we endeavour to utilise our  location to raise aspirations, further enhance the curriculum and give our children - as young as 4 years old an insight into the working world. Aside from providing exciting opportunities, our partnerships allow for personal development, encourage reflective practice and most importantly inspire our children to strive for excellence - the future can be what they want it to be.

Our strong collaborative partnerships enrich the pedagogy and provide staff  with unique opportunities which support and enhance their learning and the development of their leadership skills. Above all, the partnership activities broaden our staff and our childrens’ horizons, taking their learning beyond the classroom and providing a unique insight.

We have actively developed strong partnerships with some of the prestigious institutions in London, including UCL, UCL Institute of Education, Vision, The National Education Trust, Inspiring Best Practice, Havering Academy of Leadership, The National Auditors Office and Redbridge Education Partnership .


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