Year 2

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In science we have been investigating habitats around the school and the plants and creatures that live in them. We were very excited to find a worm and some woodlice.



Guided Reading

In guided reading, Paddington Bear Group have been looking at all the features of non-fiction texts. We followed the instructions in a non-fiction text to make a pop-up card. It was so exciting and a little bit tricky!


3D Shapes

In 2B we have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes and sorting them.




We had a successful turnout for the RWI introductory workshop last month. There will be another one held soon so please come along and find out how you can support your child.





Autumn 2016-17

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Summer 2015-16

Year 2 have taken a trip to Paradise Park. We were on the hunt for animals from Africa. How many can you spot in our pictures?






We have recently had a visit from Freshwater Theatre Group. We recreated the fire of London and imagined what the streets of London would have looked like in 1666.







Year 2 have had some special visitors this term in the form of our class caterpillars. To support our topic about "Growing",  we studied the caterpillars as they grew and made some observations as they transformed into butterflies,

Once we completed our topic, we released the butterflies onto the Farnham Green field.

Keep your eyes peeled for them.