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Head of School Message

We joined schools around the country, last week, in the mission to prevent bullying. At Farnham Green we are proud to be an anti-bullying school; our children participated in a number of learning activities, organised by Anti-bullying Alliance and school staff, relating to this year’s theme – ‘Make a noise about bullying’ – encouraging everyone to speak up if they have a concern or see someone else who is unhappy. In our assembly the children learnt that unkind words and phrases should not be passed off as ‘banter’, therefore is unacceptable in our school. Thank you to all- for wearing odd socks to promote our value of diversity and uniqueness. The children worked exceptionally hard on their mid-term tests and have embraced the opportunity to recall and apply key knowledge they have learned in the core subjects. We are proud that the children are remembering more and are able to make connections in their learning, which is part of our curriculum intent. To read more click here, https://www.farnhamgreen.org.uk/Curriculum/

Mr J Lee

Key Diary Dates


            • 28.11.23     Dental Team visit - Fluoride Varnish Programme for Reception and Year 1
            • 30.11.23     Flu team visiting for missed vaccinations
            • 01.12.23     Group 2 Sharing Assembly - 1M, 2B, 3I, 3J, 4J, 5J & 6B
            • 05.12.23     Parent/child reading session in classes @ 3pm Rec, Year 1 and Year 2
          • 06.12.23     Parent/child reading session in classes @ 3pm Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6
          • 06.12.23     Coffee morning for SEND families 8.50 - 9.30 am in the Indigo Room
          • 07.12.23     Christmas Jumper Day/Christmas Lunch –collecting for Save the Children
          • 07.12.23     Year 6 pledge visit to the Theatre to watch Matilda
          • 08.12.23     Online safety coffee morning from 9 am to 10 am with Mr Goulding
          • 08.12.23     Group 1 Sharing Assembly - 1H, 2R, 3K, 4G, 4C, 5S & 6G
          • 11.12.23     4C visiting Science Museum
          • 12.12.23     Reception performance to parents 2.15 pm to 3.00 pm
          • 12.12.23     Years 5 and 6 Athletics event at Beal High School (select children)
          • 13.12.23     Parent Connect meeting 9 to 9.45 am
          • 14.12.23     Year 6 Imperial War Museum trip
          • 15.12.23     4G and 4J on Science Museum trip
          • 18.12.23     KS1 nativity to families @ 9.30 am
        • 18.12.23     KS1 nativity to families @ 2.15 pm

Please note of the following

Timings of the Day


From September 2023, in line with Government guidance, the timings of the school day at Farnham green will be changing:


Children arrive at school - 8.40am

Register - 8.45am (Children arriving after 8.45 will be marked as late)

Children go home - 3.15pm 

Free School Meals from September 2023


Please click on the following link regarding the roll-out of free school meals for ALL primary school pupils in London.  The letter contains a link to a google form that we are requesting all parents/ careers to complete as soon as possible.  


No dogs allowed


Please note no dogs are allowed on school premises. They may be important part of families but the presence of dogs can be stressful for some children. We would appreciate your co-operation by not bringing your pet to school.