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      RSHE in Redbridge Newsletter for families


Letters to Parents - Current Year

Letter to Families 27th September 2023 - PE Selection

Letter to Families 27th September 2023 - Year 1 Church Visit

Letter to Families 29th September 2023 - Parent booking

Letter to Families 10th October - Year 2 Smoothie template

Letter to Families 20th October - DT Year 6

Letter to Families 3rd November - Year 5 Mosque trip

Letter to Families 3rd November - IT Help for Parents

Letter to Families 3rd November - Reading Challenge

Letter to Families 3rd November - Year 3 Cooking Sessions

Letter to Families 10th November - Year Group Mailbox

Letter to Families 16th November 2023 - Music Club Autumn


Last Year's Letters

Letter to Families 17th January 2023 - Class 4C new teacher

 Letter to Families 30th January 2023 - Safer Internet Day Celebrations

Letter to Families 2nd February 2023 - Year 1 & 2 trip to London

Letter to Families 20th February 2023 - Class 5I visit to Stepney City Farm

Letter to Families 24th February 2023 - Strike Action update

Letter to Families 10th March 2023 - Strike Action update

Letter to Families 10th March 2023 - Year 1 & 2 trip to St Paul's Church

Letter to Families 24th March 2023 - 5A Mrs N Ahmed leaving

Letter to Families Letters 27th March 2023 - 120 Mrs N Odesanya leaving

 Letter to Families 2nd May 2023 - 4C Trip to Synagogue

Letter to Families 3rd May 2023 - Year 5 11+

Letter to Families 19th May 2023 - Innovation pod letter

Letter to Families 5th June 2023 - 3C & 3I visit to Ilford Mandir

Letter to Families 9th June 2023 - Reception Open Day Letter

Letter to Families 22nd June 2023 - Strike Action Letter 

Covid-19 Letters 

Click here to see further correspondence sent to families with re: school reopening and COVID-19 updates 

Welcome to Year 5 Class talk

Welcome to Year 6 Class talk 

Reception intake survey

EYFS parent survey responses

Parent Communication Survey

Parent Communication Survey responses

Teaching Application Form

Letter to Eligible Families- Covid-Summer Food Fund 1st July 2020  

School Dinner Ordering Guide

School Uniform Order Form

Year 3 and 4 Mixed classes 2019/20

Danbury 2020  

 Seven Kings SNT – Newsletter – Aug/Sept 2020 

Don't make your vehicle an easy target for thieves

 Protect your vehicle from being stolen

How to keep your vehicle safe and sound

Child safety on TikTok: parent factsheet

Helping Redbridge children access online learning

Parent toolkit_online issues

Teaching Application Form

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy/Procedures

FSM letter Sept 2021

ISS Supply Challenges - September 2021



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