National Links

We have actively developed strong partnerships with some of the prestigious institutions in London, including UCL, UCL Institute of Education, Vision, The National Education Trust, Inspiring Best Practice, Havering Education Services, The National Auditors Office and Empiribox.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)


Strive4 is proud to be working with Best Practice Network/Outstanding Leaders Partnership to deliver the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) to colleagues across Redbridge.

The frameworks for the NPQs draw from the very latest evidence and research into pedagogy, behaviour, curriculum and more.

The 6 NPQs available are:

Full details for each of the NPQs, including the registration form and information on funding, can be found at www.outstandingleaders.org/npq or https://www.bestpracticenet.co.uk/npq . The team at Best Practice Network can be contacted through the live-chat function of their web site or you can send enquiries to npq@bestpracticenet.co.uk .

When applying please ensure you select Strive4 from the drop down when prompted. This will help ensure your access to local delivery.