Welcome to our school website; we hope that you find it useful but the best way to really get a sense of what Farnham Green is about is to visit us and see. See the focus on learning, the fortitude of the children and the commitment of staff. You will also see the excellent resources in the school and how the environment adds a vibrancy to the children's daily experiences. You will see how leadership is fully committed to the development of the school to ensure that each and every child gets the very best start of their educational career. You will see a school that is striving for excellence.

 Our curriculum enables our children to apply their growth mindset skills – thriving on challenge, working collaboratively and developing their skills to work independently so that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. They know that  mistakes are the first steps towards learning and that persistence is required if you are to succeed. Our children, and staff, know that in order to achieve, we must all strive for excellence and make every second count. As such, our staff push themselves to become better each day and they look for innovative ways to improve their practice and the outcomes for our children.

At Farnham Green, we are committed to helping each child out succeed their potential - we know learning has no boundaries and we know that our families are key partners who will join us on our exciting and rewarding journey towards excellence.