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Regular attendance and punctuality are top priorities with staff and Governors

at Farnham Green Primary School.

We realise that for our pupils to achieve a good standard of academic and social success in school they need to attend school on a regular basis. We also understand that we need to work closely with Farnham Green families and outside support agencies in order that our policy is successful.



Something to think about...

Attendance statistics over a 1 year period:

98% absence = 4 days off school

95% absence = 10 days off school


90% absence = 4 weeks off school

85% absence = 5.5 weeks off school

80% absence = 7.5 weeks off school

Attendance statistics over a 5 year period:

85-90% absence = half a year off school


If your child is ill or absent from school for any reason, please telephone the school on the day of each absence. If no explanation is forthcoming, or if the school considers that the reason given is not sufficient to justify non-attendance, then the absence is unauthorised. This is noted on the child's report and all absences are reported to the department for education annually. If a pupil's absence falls below 95% in a school term the families will be notified in writing.


We strongly encourage annual holidays to be taken out of term time. Leave of absence taken during term time should be based on exceptional circumstances.


  • your child is at risk of losing their school place if you take your child out of school during term time
  • parents who do not bring their child to school regularly are at risk of court action
  • you will receive a fine of £120 per pupil per parent is leave is taken without the permission of the headteacher
  • if your child is late persistently you will receive a fine of £120 per half term


Please remember, children who have the best attendance tend to do better at school.