Application to the Nursery is dealt with by the school directly and should be made when children are between 2 and 2 ½ years old. 

15 hours of free early learning is offered in five daily sessions of three hours, either morning (8.45am-11.45am) of afternoon (12.15pm-3.15pm).

Children are admitted to the Nursery in date of birth order, from their 3rd birthday when a place becomes available.   Priority is given to ‘looked after children’ (children in public care) and other children with exceptional medical or social needs.  The next group admitted are children with a sibling (brother or sister) already on the school roll.  The remaining places are then given to other children with preference to older children according to their date of birth.  Distance will be used as a tie break in any category.

The Local Authority requires parents of all Nursery aged children to sign an agreement each term to confirm they will remain at their chosen Nursery for the whole of that term. The forms will be provided for signature at the home visit.

Reception and mid-year admissions

Farnham Green Primary School, as part of Strive4 Academy Trust follow the admission procedures of the London Borugh of Redbridge. Applications for places in other year groups (Reception to Year 6) must be made through Redbridge Admissions, Lynton House, 255-259 High Road, Ilford.

Children normally enter the main school in the September before they turn 5. When starting school in Nursery or Reception classes at the start of the year, parents and children will be invited to the school for a visit prior to their admission. The children will spend time in their classroom with a teacher to become familiar with the environment. Parents are expected to remain with their child during this visit. Home visits will be undertaken by the Nursery teacher and Nursery Assistant prior to the child starting in the Nursery. Home visits will be also be undertaken for children starting in Reception who have not attended the Farnham Green Nursery.

Prospective parents or children in other year groups or part way through the years in Nursery or Reception are encouraged to make an appointment if they wish to view the school.

Careful arrangements are made for the admission of children with disabilities to ensure a positive start and successful experience.  If the child has a statement of special educational needs the LA is also involved.  We liaise closely with parents and specialists prior to the start date to ensure that staff are fully aware of the child’s needs such that any required staffing or training issues can be addressed before the child comes into school.  We also make necessary adjustments to the environment, systems and purchase resources so the child is not disadvantaged.

Through these measures we ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably than other pupils and have equal access and opportunity.

Children with physical disabilities have access to all areas via ramps and a lift in the new part of the building. Physical resources and staff in class eg special chairs, 1:1 support, enable all children to access the curriculum and not be separated from others.

The school has an Accessibility Plan covering future ideas for increasing access to the school by pupils with disabilities.

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