Autumn 2017-18

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Spring 2016-17

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We are working extremely hard to put the children's amazing work together and show you all that they have worked on so far this term. Please check back soon 




 Autumn 2016-17

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Summer 2015-16

This term the Nursery have been learning about growing and changing. As part of this, we have been watching how chickens grow.

Our first stop was to go to Wellgate Farm to collect fertilised eggs. We then put these eggs into an incubator. We had to keep the eggs warm and turn them everyday.

We watched and waited for 21 whole days, then....finally......all on the same day, 5 chicks hatched. We are now working hard to look after them by making sure that their cage is clean, giving them fresh food and water everyday and by playing with them and keeping them entertained. They even know how to fly back to their friends.



"It is so good to have the chicks, I call all of them Eggy"


"The eggs were white, then they were black and white. My chicky is Alice, they all have wings and one is touching her wings, i saw"



"The chick went fluying when i was holding it. It bumped his head and he went back into the tray. It was very funny. it accidentally went flying on my knees but i kind of liked it and i gently stroked it"


"I held the chick and then it started to fly and it was jumping out of my hand. I saw all the chicks trying to fly in the sky outside" Hassan


The chick flew to my hand and flew to the floor and my shoes. After that he went to his friends"