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Farnham Green Nursery is part of Farnham Green Primary School. The Foundation Stage is an integration of the Nursery and Reception classes within the school. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is intended to ensure that children aged 3-5 are in an educational environment that best meets their learning needs; Farnham Green prides itself on giving our children dynamic, experiential and highly inspiring learning experiences - through 'play'.

Nursery adults will make a home visit to all Nursery children who are new before they begin in September. This will be arranged with you. This visit allows the child to become familiar with adults they will eventually meet in school and also enables staff to find out about the child's interests and any important information e.g. medical conditions.

At the start of the year we gradually increase the number of children in the nursery so that only a small group of children are new on any given day. Starting school is a very big step for both you and your child, exciting but possibly scary. Some children settle in very quickly whilst others may take a little longer. We want all children to feel happy, valued, safe, secure and confident. We ask you to follow this routine when settling your child.

  • Spend the first 2 sessions with your child. If your child is happy and confident after that, nursery adults may tell you that you may leave them from then on.
  • After the 2 sessions are over, provided that your child is settled, you should leave your child in the care of their key adult.
  • If the key adult believes that your child needs a little more support, you may be asked to stay for a further session.
  • If necessary, arrangements can be made for parents to wait in another area of the school for periods of increasing length until you and the key adult are confident that your child has settled. 

Your child may be a little upset when you leave but rest assured, in our vast experience, we have found that this is very often brief and once you have left the child should settle quickly. Staff will discuss any concerns regarding your child's behaviour with you to seek the best way forward to help them settle.

What Your Child Will Be Learning

At Farnham Green Primary School we follow the early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), as outlined by the Government. We Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all children - taking into account the social, cultural and language diversity of the area in which we work. We want your child to feel happy, safe and enthusiastic about school. We work closely with you to meet your child's needs and incorporate their interests into their activities.


The curriculum is divided into different areas of learning, three areas that are prime and four that are specific. We cover all of those areas through carefully planned activities both indoors and outdoors, based around themes and children's own interests.

The prime areas of learning are:

  • Communication and Language (speaking, listening and understanding)
  • Personal, social and emotional development (self-confidence, managing feelings and behaviour, managing relationships)
  • Physical development (health and self-care, big and small movements)

The specific areas of learning are:

  • Literacy (reading, writing, letter sounds)
  • Maths (counting, simple calculations, shape, space and measures)
  • Understanding the world (people, the world around us, technology)
  • Expressive arts and design (using different art materials, being imaginative)

Our teaching and learning is done mainly through play based activities.  A couple of examples of this are playing with Lego. This activity teaches your child about size, shape, colour, hand control and how things are put together. Also, playing in the sandpit, we teach the child words related to the feel and movement of the sand. Both of these activities cover several of teh learning areas. There is also lot's of singing and storytelling as well as speaking and listening games.

We watch the children at play and talk t them about what they are doing, building up their vocabulary and their understanding. We make notes on our observations and put them in your child's records. We also make notes on "next steps" and what your child needs to be taught in order to progress. We work extremely hard to make sure that every child meets their full potential. Once a term we meet with parents to discuss progress of the child and in the summer term you are given a full report on how your child has progressed throughout that year and what their targets are.

Medical Needs

In the initial meeting with your child's teacher, you must make us aware of any medical needs that your child may have. We also have forms that you must fill out in regards to the use of plasters, eczema and asthma from which, if necessary, a health care plan will be developed in liaison with the school nurse.

We are not permitted to administer medication to any child and if you have any issues with this then please see your child's key adult. In the rare event that your child needs emergency medical treatment whilst in school, you will be contacted by the school immediately. It is therefore vital that all contact details are up to date.