What is EAL?

The definition of an EAL pupil includes a learner who was exposed to a language other than English during early childhood and continues to be exposed to this language in the home, at school or in the local community. It does not necessarily imply fluency in both or all languages (DfE School Census Guide 2016-17).

Our Vision

At Farnham Green Primary School we are proud to be a multi-cultural school and celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures within the community. As an inclusive school, we believe that cultural and linguistic diversity are rich resources for the entire school. This vision is at the centre of our teaching, supporting and guiding of EAL pupils in our school community.

Key Stage 1

All EAL pupils are encouraged to participate in class activities from the start. Beginner EAL pupils are often supported in class by a trained Bilingual Support Assistant, Bal Ubha, who fully understands the needs of EAL children and knows how to support them, in order to fulfil their full potential. Some EAL pupils also take part in short, out of class interventions to help with their  English language acquisition, led by Bal Ubha. There is a good variety of visual aids, multilingual posters, dual language reading books and other EAL resources available to our EAL pupils.

Key Stage 2

We aim to meet the needs of our EAL pupils through work differentiation and support within their classes. We acknowledge that all learners have a right to access the National Curriculum. This is best achieved within a school context. Students learn more quickly when socialising and interacting with their peers, who speak English fluently and can provide good language and  learning role models. This is supplemented by short term intervention groups led by our EAL teacher Miss Stephanie Lam, a Bilingual Support Assistant Mrs Manjeet Sehmi and our EAL Leader Mrs Izabela Akele, when appropriate. We use a range of different strategies to support children as they develop fluency in English language.

We promote cultural diversity and the speaking of different languages through the Language of the Half Term school assemblies and celebrations, heritage displays, dual language dictionaries and reading texts, other resources and cultural celebrations.

New Arrivals

On admission, we carry out an induction meeting during which we assess the skills and needs of pupils with EAL and provide appropriate provision according to their needs. Beginner EAL pupils are welcomed with a 'special buddy', who speaks the same language, if possible. An induction booklet is is available for each child to familiarise themselves with the routine and structure of the school day. Special emergency English sessions and an Induction Programme are available to new EAL arrivals, who are at the earliest stages of English language acquisition, in order to enhance both their social and academic experiences within our school community.