What is EAL?

The definition of an EAL pupil includes a learner who was exposed to a language other than English during early childhood and continues to be exposed to this language in the home, at school or in the local community. It does not necessarily imply fluency in both or all languages (DfE School Census Guide 2016-17).


Language Tree

 At Farnham Green Primary we are  very proud to be a multi-cultural school and we acknowledge the speaking of other languages, as we believe that the pupils' home languages are an extremely important element of language learning. Currently there are 46 languages spoken in our school, including different dialects.


Language of the Half Term

We promote cultural diversity and the speaking of different languages through Language of the Half Term school assemblies and celebrations, heritage displays, dual-language dictionaries, reading texts, other resources and cultural celebrations.


The first Language of the Half Term that we celebrated this year was Polish.



A big thank you to our Polish speakers who took part in our Language of the Half Term Assembly and taught us some words in Polish:

Czesc! Means Hello!

Dzien dobry means Good morning/Good afternoon

Dobrze! Means Well done!


Polish Language Display

Miss Ismail displayed the RE focus words with Polish translations, in order to celebrate our focus language.



Our second language of the half term was Romanian. There are 40 Romanian speakers in our school, including a member of staff Miss Nicolaescu. Some of our Romanian speakers took part in our school assembly in KS1 and KS2, helping us learn words and phrases in Romanian.



We learnt that:

  • Bun venit means Welcome
  • La revedere means Goodbye
  • Buna dimineato means Good morning
  • Multumesc means Thank you
  • Scuza means Sorry

During the assembly we also announced the winners of our previous Language of the Half Term Quiz in Polish.


Congratulations to our lucky winners in KS2:

Hayrah Naeem 6P, Aayan Patel 5K, Kiran Kaur 3S, Kennedy Goral 4M and Rhythm Dhir 6P


Congratulations to our lucky winners in KS1:

Anisha Shaik 2A, Harman Chauhan 2A and Chiyem Nzononye 2R


Romanian Language Display 


Romanian Choir practising before their Winter Concert





Our current Language of the Half Term is Cantonese. The children have learnt about where the language comes from, how many people speak it and some commons words as well!

You can learn more about the language and how to say other words as well.


 Cantonese Language Display


Don’t forget to enter the competition you might be a lucky winner next term! The slips can be found on the display board.


 Can you guess our next Language of the Half Term?





We offer various interventions to help EAL pupils catch up with reading, writing and speaking skills in a small group context, which enables quality teaching and learning through listening and speaking. This in turn, helps build self-esteem and confidence in our EAL pupils.

KS1 and KS2 Induction Programme

The Induction Programme is a 10 week programme, which provides lessons and resources to teach individuals or small groups of EAL children. It offers opportunities for learning through speaking and listening, practising and applying. Before the programme commences, the EAL New Arrivals with little or no English have some 'Emergency Language Sessions', completed in the first couple of weeks of arrival. They are designed to provide each pupil with some key grammar and vocabulary that will allow them to function om a daily basis, on a very basic level.

Key stage 1 Induction Group



 Shopping Trip.

On Thursday 2nd February we went on a shopping trip to a local grocery shop, to practise all the new vocabulary that we learnt this week.




Key Stage 2 Induction Group

Here are some pictures of the KS2 induction group during Science Day



Year 6 EAL Reading Group  




Learning Village Club.

Come and join our Learning Village Club, which is a fun way of learning and improving skills in English. Ask our office staff for further details.